Coffee With A Side of Science was born from the vision of one astrophysicist, the motto of an American drama teacher and the talent and patience of one web designer and one sys admin onboard of  Starship Zitec excellently lead by Captain A.

The vision: people having their coffee/tee/milk/apple puree break while reading reader-friendly astrophysical news.

The motto: drink your coffee with a side of science

The talent : checkout the site

The patience…too much of it to be written here…

Why astrophysics? Because this is what we know best, because it contains almost all fields of physics and, last but not least, because it’s the best!

So, please enjoy the blog, publish, comment, ask questions, brainstorm and remember, this is a reader-friendly blog so if you decide to become an astrophysicist after reading our posts tell us to tell you also about the ugly math-computing-formulae full side of it.

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